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A New York Diner Story


If I were to be banished from New York City and was given one experience to leave on, I wouldn’t chose a stroll through the MET.

I wouldn’t want to sit in Central Park on the most perfect Fall day.

I wouldn’t care to ride the subway across the Manhattan bridge or take a taxi through each borough.

I would want to stumble into a diner in Downtown Manhattan at 2:40 in the morning after the rain.


I want to slide into a duct taped vinyl booth and be handed a questionable menu with 150 items from 4 different continents.

I want my waiter to be an old greek man holding a stub of a pencil in his left ear.

I want him to be grumpy because he’d rather be taking a drag from a cigarette than taking my order.

I want to ask for a turkey club with a side of mayo and a huge Coke with tiny pebbled ice.

I want to pour way too much ketchup on my plate from a glass bottle of Heinz.

I want to finish my meal with a slice of chocolate cake that’s picked up some funky flavors from sitting next to an apple pie all day.

I want to watch the man behind the counter figure out my tax using a calculator with huge numbers for his bad eyes.

I want to leave my tip underneath the small plate of coffee creamers.

I want to experience New York how I want to experience life.

Not in the ideal picturesque moments, but by taking joy in the seemingly mundane.

(via The Essential Man)


It’s a strange feeling when you realize you will never be the person you dreamt of as a youth.